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How does Tabex work?


Tabex® has a comprehensive effect on pathogenetic mechanisms.

During experimental studies on anaesthetised cats, two famous Bulgarian pharmacologists – Prof. Paskov and Dr. Dobrev reached to the important conclusion that due to its lower toxicity than nicotine and mostly to its weaker peripheral effect on the cardiovascular system, cytisine can be used as a smoking cessation device, as it interacts with the same receptors in the human body as nicotine does.

  • Cytisine is thought to have a wider therapeutic range than nicotine.
  • Compared to nicotine Tabex is reported to be very well tolerated.
  • The alkaloid cytisine is a powerful antagonist of nicotine receptors

Sopharma of Bulgaria produces Tabex, developed on the basis of the alkaloid Cytisine.

Chemical characteristics and content of Tabex

Each tablet contains 0.0015 g cytisine

Empirical formula of cytisine: C11H 14ON 2


Buy Tabex from us only for the genuine brand. Be aware of counterfeits. We ship Tabex to Australia daily. All orders posted from our UK office.

Tabex is not a medicine or neither a prescription medication and is merely a supplement made of plant extract. No products advertised are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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