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Tabex® is the ORIGINAL anti-smoking product manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant ‘Sopharma Pharmaceuticals’.

Tabex® tablets have been available in Russia and Eastern Europe for over 50 years.

In 1962 in Bulgaria Prof. Isaev isolated the alkaloid cytisine from what is called the 'Cytisus Laburnum Tree' which grows wild in Bulgaria and started an intensive research on the creation of the original medicinal product TABEX®.

Large clinical trials in Bulgaria, Germany and Poland followed that confirmed the efficacy and most of all the need of positive attitude in smoking cessation attempts.

Studies showed that Cytisine plays the role of nicotine substitution and reduces the period of interaction of the received nicotine with relevant nicotine receptors. This results in a gradual reduction of the psychic and physical dependency to nicotine in smokers.

It is well known that depressive moods and abstinence syndrome are psychic conditions that accompany any dependency. The extensive clinical research conducted in Bulgaria and abroad confirmed that TABEX® – trademark of Sopharma has no known side effects reported.

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